Achievements from the International Neuroendocrine Federation

As one of the federations engaged in the neuroendocrine medical field since 2002 there have certainly been many programs that have been used as a tool to make a lot of progress for the benefit of mankind. In addition to the many programs that are proposed, planned, worked on, and until finally providing results, there are certainly many achievements.

The first is the number of members who are not playing games. As one of the international groups, the Neuroendocrine Federation has recruited various countries which eventually joined forces to succeed and support all the actions planned by the neuroendocrine International Federation. Through its members, the Neuroendocrine Federation also has many advantages such as assistance in educating people from all walks of life to provide information related to neuroendocrine. The importance of the role of neuroendocrine in human life along with the problems being faced so that people begin to have awareness in paying attention to neuroendocrine.

Then still related to the membership of various countries, the Neuroendocrine Federation has succeeded in creating various kinds of technologies, theories and also various kinds of conclusions and solutions that can be used to solve problems related to neuroendocrine. This support is very meaningful for the advancement of current neuroendocrine medical science and will continue to increase.

Able to attract young people with their extraordinary talents and invite to join in various kinds of development research and problem solving related to neuroendocrine. More and more future generations who are interested will certainly be very profitable because they can make a brilliant contribution in the development of the neuroendocrine medical world. There will be many new discoveries and also more diverse solutions to overcome the problems that occur in the medical world of neuroendocrine today.

Then with so much support from leading universities and institutes in countries around the world who joined the International Neuroendocrine Federation, it will be easy to research and carry on projects and new discoveries. Not only that, even various hospitals from member countries in addition to handling the problems related to neuroendocrine, also raised donations in collaboration with the International Neuroendocrine Federation. With the existence of donations, especially in the form of money, it will facilitate the implementation of various programs that have been formed and are increasingly being improved.

Then in the meeting held for four years it also accommodates researchers and students who want to submit a symposium, providing information about journals and research that have been made. In addition, it also provides an opportunity for fellow researchers to discuss and plan new programs that will soon be worked on or review previous research.

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