The Headquarters of International Neuroendocrine Federation

Now the era is growing and increasing awareness to deal with various kinds of problems related to Neuroendocrine several countries in the world have decided to join the International Neuroendocrine Federation. Until 2018 there were 30 countries submitting their representatives to join the membership of the International Neuroendocrine Federation. They became representative representatives of their respective countries and provided support by empowering various institutions and resources they had to sensitize the community in developing fields. Neuroendocrine.

Donations are also channeled through various forms of material, science, and actions that support scientific development and educate lay people about neuroendocrine to create superior human resources regarding neuroendocrine through universities that join.

For four years a board meeting was held to discuss updates that needed to be made and reports on various kinds of things that had been done and the planned trip that was formed at the previous meeting. Located in various countries alternately held a board meeting and continued to invite various types of people and countries that have not joined to participate in the development of neuroendocrine.

Especially in the present era with the demands of an increasingly high life and difficult to make many people increasingly stressed and create various kinds of diseases that are different and increasingly difficult to cure. By embracing high schools and departments in the field of medicine and health together carry out tasks that are accommodated by the International neuroendocrine Federation.

The main base of the Neuroendocrine Federation is located in Torino. But don’t worry for members who want to join as members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation because this federation has various bodies in each country so that it can represent every individual who wants to become a member of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. With increasing sponsorship to help the various programs run by the Neuroendocrine Federation. Let’s support this federation movement as a form of concern for others.

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