Facilities owned by the neuroendocrine International Federation

In addition to having the vision and mission that the neuroendocrine International Federation has always tried to achieve, of course there are facilities and facilities that are used as tools to support and help to realize the main goals of the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

These facilities are certainly assistance from individual countries and communities who voluntarily become members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. Each of these members has various kinds of facilities and also advantages both in the field of education and also in the medical field which can help progress from the realization of the vision and mission of the Neuroendocrine Federation.

The most often done is a means to collect donations both to conduct neuroendocrine surgery and to help develop facilities and technology until journal research conducted by experts and sponsored by the Neuroendocrine Federation using the donation.

Then there are those taken from the education field. Many countries are members of the International Neuroendocrine Federation which helps with a variety of institutes and universities that can help recruit talented young people to take part in training in the neuroendocrine research field. Their energy and services can later be used to educate the public both in the medical and non-medical realms regarding neuroendocrine and its development.

Then the institute and also the university can also facilitate various kinds of projects carried out to make many technologies and also various methods and rules in the regulation of the neuroendocrine system.

Then various kinds of good meetings that are routinely conducted for four years or many other meetings are also a facility for researchers to discuss and also present the results of the research they have done, then they can give advice to improve what is lacking and also add information which needs to be given to complete journal, which is always updated at all times.

The neuroendocrine International Federation promotes all information that has been obtained and developed for the sake of developing neuroendocrine to all levels of society throughout the world.

If people from various walks of life understand well about neuroendocrine, it will be easier to reduce the number of problems that occur in the medical field, especially in the neuroendocrine region. Because with high awareness the community can prevent the occurrence of things that are not desirable.

For patients who have problems with the neuroendocrine work system, they can be directly handled by expert doctors available in various parts of the world who are members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. And if it is found if the abnormality has a new peculiarity, then it can be used as the material for the latest research to save the lives of other patients who have the same problem.

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