Neuroendocrine International Federation: Its Most Recent Activities

Neuroendocrine International Federation: Its Most Recent Activities – A health organization, especially the international ones should be the initiator of seminars and research paper presentation. It provides a reliable source and discussion material for the practitioners. Take an example from neuroendocrine international federation that still conduct their activity as usual. The committee supports the member to take part in the activities.

Viktor Mutt Lectureship
In 2020, the Viktor Mutt Lectureship will be held on September 17 to 22 in Acapulco, Diamante, Mexico. This event is presented by International Regulatory Peptide Society. For those who are not familiar with Viktor Mutt, he is the pioneer researcher of regulatory peptides. Included in this scope are gastrointestinal peptide hormones and neuropeptides.

Thus, the Viktor Mutt Lectureship is looking for any individual with exceptional contribution in regulatory peptide research. This person must be in their mid-career or even in their early years. In short, experience does not matter. What matter most is the result this person could bring to the health practice.

This year will mark the fourteenth time the Viktor Mutt Lectureship awarding. Last year nominee is Dr. Laura Bohn from the Scripps Institute with her paper on opiate receptors. The nominee for year 2020 is already closed, as the document should have been sent on March 1st at the latest.

International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides
Another big meeting promoted by Neuroendocrine International Federation is International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides (RegPep). It is supported by International Regulatory Peptides Society. This is not annual but biennial symposium. The host country is different each year, like online casino that could be accessed from any country. Like the previous year, there is a theme for each symposium. This year’s theme is regulatory peptides in brain-to-body interactions. Paper received for this symposium should relate to this theme only.

Neuroendocrine International Federation Its Most Recent Activities

There is no diversity limitation; any researchers from any race and skin colour could participate. By holding this symposium, the goal will be promoting the most suitable practices on biomedical issues. The pandemic is not a reason to halt the research in neuroendocrine. On the other hand, it motivates the scholars and researchers to do more experiments and write more papers. Then, Neuroendocrine International Federation provides the stage for them to present their papers. They are the Viktor Mutt Lectureship and RegPep.

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