Neuroendocrine International Federation Held School of Neuroendocrinology

Neuroendocrine International Federation Held School of Neuroendocrinology

When researchers present their paper in front of the other neuroendocrine specialists, they are proposing new way or adding new finding to a theory. Then what about the explanation for those doctoral students who are not yet understand the complicated terms? To answer this question, Neuroendocrine International Federation held school of neuroendocrinology.

– What Are the Courses?
The purpose of holding the school of neuroendocrinology is introducing the concept for young and aspiring doctoral students. The goal is encouraging them to join neuroendocrine community and take part in the evolving research in the future. Japan is chosen as the host with an intention to expand the range of neuroendocrinology to Asia and Oceania.

To give real experience for the participants, two practical courses are scheduled. They will be conducted in the last two days. First, there will be in situ hybridization histochemistry and the second will be whole-cell patch-clamp recording. These practicum takes place in Dr. Yoichi Ueta’s personal laboratory, unlike the casino site that could be accessed anywhere.

– What Are the Remaining Programs?
In total, the program is scheduled for four days. With the players could make the schedule longer or shorter. On the first two days of the school, the participants will discuss theoretical aspects first. There are five lecturers from Japan, Korea, USA, UK and France who will present their own specialties.

Even though the school is set as encouragement, it doesn’t mean that the theories given will be the basic ones. The participants get the latest invention in neuroendocrine, presented in simpler points. There is a poster competition as well. Participants with the best idea will be the winner will get better value.

– How Is the Participants’ Opinion?
After the school finishes, the participants share their experiences during the program. Many of them provide positive feedbacks. They appreciate how the program accommodate their opinions as the doctoral students. There is also a program to improve their writing skill as the non-native English speaker.

In addition, they also support the next school of neuroendocrine. Several participants are still doing the research and through the school, they have more insights to be implemented in their works.

After successfully holding the school of neuroendocrinology in France, the second school was held in Japan. It aims to bring more Asian and Oceania doctoral students into the neuroendocrine community. The programs lasted for four days; two latest days were dedicated for practical experiences. Overall, the participants were satisfied with the short school.


Here are the Possible Recommended Treatments When You Get Neuroendocrine Tumor

Neuroendocrine tumor can be categorized as a rare illness. Not so many people know that it exists. However, this tumor is as dangerous as the other kind in which without proper treatment, it can turn into cancer. If you are diagnosed with this illness, you will probably get recommendations on the following treatment after looking at several important factors.
– Surgery
Surgery is often recommended for being most effective. Your surgeons will attempt to remove the entire tumor if possible. When it is done, they will probably remove healthy tissue around the affected area too to prevent the tumor of growing back. Not all surgery can be successful, but most are.

– Chemotherapy
This treatment is often recommended to those whose tumor seems to grow again after taking the surgery. In this treatment, you will get strong drugs that can in shape of pills, or it can be injected through your veins. These drugs are supposed to kill the tumor cells.

– Targeted Drug Therapy
This treatment is often recommended along with the chemotherapy. The objective of this treatment is to block any abnormalities in the tumor cells. It eventually kills the tumor cells and results in a more effective way.

It stands for Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy. This treatment is recommended in advanced stage. The objective is to combine radioactive substance with targeted drugs to deliver lethal killing for the tumor cells. This is similar to bluffing while keeping the good cards at online poker in, effective and lethal.

– Medication for Excess Hormones Control
There are cases where patients’ tumor releases hormones in abnormal way. This condition can be controlled with drugs. This treatment is supposed to help your body in controlling this excessive hormone, so your body system can be in balance.

– Radiation Therapy
This treatment is rarely recommended unless it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes, surgery isn’t a solution for some specific cases. In this situation, patients will be suggested to take this treatment. Using X-ray as well as beams, the tumor cells will be the main target. Many patients seem to respond more with this treatment, and it can be a successful treatment to cure the tumor.

Each treatment has its risks, but all of them are specially planned to help your body kill the tumor cells. Don’t give up, and stay hopeful because there are more than enough successful treatments that help patients around the world.

International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance to Help You Cure the Cancer
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International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance to Help You Cure the Cancer

International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance to Help You Cure the Cancer – Cancer is one type of illness that many people are afraid of. The main reason is because of the small chance to live after having the cancer. Even after the tumor that causes cancer has been removed through the surgery, the chance to live is still considerably small. That is why if you have neuroendocrine cancer, it is better for you to get the help from the right place. For your information, there is an international organization called International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance. It is INCA. This is the right place that you need to visit if you have neuroendocrine cancer.

Proper Treatments for Neuroendocrine Cancer
The first reason why you need to contact them is because of the proper treatments that they can give to you if you have the neuroendocrine cancer. For your information, each type of cancer requires special attention and treatments. Most of them look quite similar. Yet, you cannot say that those treatments are totally the same. It is because if you do brain cancer chemotherapy for the neuroendocrine cancer, the result will not be as you wish for. That is why the proper treatment from the professional is required.

Complete Facilities for Neuroendocrine Cancer
The second reason is because of the complete facilities that can help you with the treatment. There are a lot of hospitals spread in many countries with the facilities to help you with the cancer treatments. However, not all of those hospitals have the complete facilities such as in INCA. It is because INCA is specifically meant to help you out of your neuroendocrine cancer. For your information, there are some hospitals or medical centers in some continents that are connected with INCA. If you want, you can visit one of them to get the similar treatment as the one that you can get from INCA directly.

Professional Medical Staffs
The last but not least is the professional medical staffs that have the specialization in neuroendocrine cancer. As you might have known, there are some different kinds of cancer. All of them are considered as something special so that you cannot generalize the medical staff too. To make sure that you are getting the right treatment for your neuroendocrine cancer condition, INCA has some of the best medical staffs on its field. This way, you will be treated by the professional with the specialization in neuroendocrine cancer. So, you do not need to worry about anything.

Neuroendocrine International Federation: Its Most Recent Activities
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Neuroendocrine International Federation: Its Most Recent Activities

Neuroendocrine International Federation: Its Most Recent Activities – A health organization, especially the international ones should be the initiator of seminars and research paper presentation. It provides a reliable source and discussion material for the practitioners. Take an example from neuroendocrine international federation that still conduct their activity as usual. The committee supports the member to take part in the activities.

Viktor Mutt Lectureship
In 2020, the Viktor Mutt Lectureship will be held on September 17 to 22 in Acapulco, Diamante, Mexico. This event is presented by International Regulatory Peptide Society. For those who are not familiar with Viktor Mutt, he is the pioneer researcher of regulatory peptides. Included in this scope are gastrointestinal peptide hormones and neuropeptides.

Thus, the Viktor Mutt Lectureship is looking for any individual with exceptional contribution in regulatory peptide research. This person must be in their mid-career or even in their early years. In short, experience does not matter. What matter most is the result this person could bring to the health practice.

This year will mark the fourteenth time the Viktor Mutt Lectureship awarding. Last year nominee is Dr. Laura Bohn from the Scripps Institute with her paper on opiate receptors. The nominee for year 2020 is already closed, as the document should have been sent on March 1st at the latest.

International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides
Another big meeting promoted by Neuroendocrine International Federation is International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides (RegPep). It is supported by International Regulatory Peptides Society. This is not annual but biennial symposium. The host country is different each year, like online casino that could be accessed from any country. Like the previous year, there is a theme for each symposium. This year’s theme is regulatory peptides in brain-to-body interactions. Paper received for this symposium should relate to this theme only.

Neuroendocrine International Federation Its Most Recent Activities

There is no diversity limitation; any researchers from any race and skin colour could participate. By holding this symposium, the goal will be promoting the most suitable practices on biomedical issues. The pandemic is not a reason to halt the research in neuroendocrine. On the other hand, it motivates the scholars and researchers to do more experiments and write more papers. Then, Neuroendocrine International Federation provides the stage for them to present their papers. They are the Viktor Mutt Lectureship and RegPep.

Possible Treatments of Neuroendocrine Cancer
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Possible Treatments of Neuroendocrine Cancer

Possible Treatments of Neuroendocrine Cancer – Cancer has been known as one of the most dangerous kind of illness that many people can experience. To make it even worse, there are a lot of different kinds of cancers that people can gain. Among many of those cancers, there is one that can be considered as something very dangerous. It is the neuroendocrine cancer. Similar with some other cancers out there, this kind of cancer starts from a small tumor inside the neuroendocrine. However, because of the lack of attention, the tumor grows bigger and finally become cancer that can surely kill you. If you have realized that you have the neuroendocrine cancer, it is better for you to try one of these possible treatments for the neuroendocrine cancer.

– Embolization
The first option that you can try is to do the embolization. For your information, the main purpose of this embolization process is to stop the blood supply to the tumor that will cause the neuroendocrine cancer in the future. That is why a tiny particle will be inserted into the main artery that circulates your blood to the tumor. Once the process is done, the blood supply to the tumor will be decreased. In some cases, the blood circulation is even stopped. As the result, the tumor will die on its own.

– Chemotherapy
The second one is chemotherapy. As many of you might have known, chemo is one of the most common methods to deal with cancer. It is because the chemotherapy can be used to kill the tumor inside your body without having to do any kind of surgery. However, you need to know that the chemotherapy will only work if the tumor is still on a certain stage. It means if the condition of the tumor is already big, doing the chemotherapy might not work at all. That is why you need to know when it is the time for chemo.

Neuroendocrine Cancer

– Surgery
Surgery should be the last resort if you want to take the tumor that will cause the neuroendocrine cancer from your body. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who chose surgery because they think this is the safest way. That is not true at all. surgery should only be done if you do not have any other treatment options for the neuroendocrine cancer. It means if you can still try some other treatment options, you should not do any kind of surgery with your body.

Development of the International Neuroendocrine Federation
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Development of the International Neuroendocrine Federation

Development of the International Neuroendocrine Federation – Neuroendocrine which is commonly known as the connection of the endocrine system and nervous system often causes several problems for our body. Problems with the endocrine system may occur because there is something wrong with the nervous system. That reason makes it even more urgent to develop research on neuroendocrine and find a solution for every neuroendocrine problem. So far, these are some of the developments in international endocrine federations around the world.

International Annual Congress
The first agenda to develop neuroendocrine research is to create an international federation for all neuroendocrine scientists. There are many benefits to joining the International Neuroendocrine Federation for scientists:

– Scientists meet with each other at the annual congress so they can get new insights from neuroendocrine researchers from around the world, which is unnecessary for online gambling players because they can play and learn from each other at

– From the annual congress, hopefully scientists and researchers can get the best results from developing new theories and solutions about neuroendocrine.

Another important part of developing the International Neuroendocrine Federation is facilitating researchers to meet other researchers and find new solutions to neuroendocrine problems from around the world.

That is why the annual congress of the International Neuroendocrine Federation is very important to be held every year and invites the best neuroendocrine researchers.

Facilitating Knowledge Exchange
In conducting research on new knowledge, collaboration between researchers or scientists is very important. In this regard, the International Neuroendocrine Federation is very useful and important because researchers can get new personal sponsors when conducting research and gain knowledge exchange from other researchers. Private foundations for Neuroendocrine science can be established during the congress.

So, this is the importance of getting several private sponsors for neuroendocrine researchers:

New facilities mean new theories can be developed. Why personal support for research is very important. If it is still possible, researchers need as much support as possible to develop new knowledge.

– In gaining knowledge from other researchers, promoting the development of neuroendocrine science at this time is very important.

Congress will remain one of the permanent agenda of the International Neuroendocrine Federation. Facilitating researchers and providing support to neuroendocrine science are the benefits of joining INF (International Neuroendocrine Federation).

Some cases of neuroendocrine have not found a solution, researchers are still working to get a solution to the nervous system and endocrine problems. The congress might be one of the best support researchers can get to find new findings from the theory of the endocrine system in humans and animals.

Facilities owned by the neuroendocrine International Federation
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Facilities owned by the neuroendocrine International Federation

In addition to having the vision and mission that the neuroendocrine International Federation has always tried to achieve, of course there are facilities and facilities that are used as tools to support and help to realize the main goals of the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

These facilities are certainly assistance from individual countries and communities who voluntarily become members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. Each of these members has various kinds of facilities and also advantages both in the field of education and also in the medical field which can help progress from the realization of the vision and mission of the Neuroendocrine Federation.

The most often done is a means to collect donations both to conduct neuroendocrine surgery and to help develop facilities and technology until journal research conducted by experts and sponsored by the Neuroendocrine Federation using the donation.

Then there are those taken from the education field. Many countries are members of the International Neuroendocrine Federation which helps with a variety of institutes and universities that can help recruit talented young people to take part in training in the neuroendocrine research field. Their energy and services can later be used to educate the public both in the medical and non-medical realms regarding neuroendocrine and its development.

Then the institute and also the university can also facilitate various kinds of projects carried out to make many technologies and also various methods and rules in the regulation of the neuroendocrine system.

Then various kinds of good meetings that are routinely conducted for four years or many other meetings are also a facility for researchers to discuss and also present the results of the research they have done, then they can give advice to improve what is lacking and also add information which needs to be given to complete journal, which is always updated at all times.

The neuroendocrine International Federation promotes all information that has been obtained and developed for the sake of developing neuroendocrine to all levels of society throughout the world.

If people from various walks of life understand well about neuroendocrine, it will be easier to reduce the number of problems that occur in the medical field, especially in the neuroendocrine region. Because with high awareness the community can prevent the occurrence of things that are not desirable.

For patients who have problems with the neuroendocrine work system, they can be directly handled by expert doctors available in various parts of the world who are members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. And if it is found if the abnormality has a new peculiarity, then it can be used as the material for the latest research to save the lives of other patients who have the same problem.

Achievements from the International Neuroendocrine Federation

Achievements from the International Neuroendocrine Federation

As one of the federations engaged in the neuroendocrine medical field since 2002 there have certainly been many programs that have been used as a tool to make a lot of progress for the benefit of mankind. In addition to the many programs that are proposed, planned, worked on, and until finally providing results, there are certainly many achievements.

The first is the number of members who are not playing games. As one of the international groups, the Neuroendocrine Federation has recruited various countries which eventually joined forces to succeed and support all the actions planned by the neuroendocrine International Federation. Through its members, the Neuroendocrine Federation also has many advantages such as assistance in educating people from all walks of life to provide information related to neuroendocrine. The importance of the role of neuroendocrine in human life along with the problems being faced so that people begin to have awareness in paying attention to neuroendocrine.

Then still related to the membership of various countries, the Neuroendocrine Federation has succeeded in creating various kinds of technologies, theories and also various kinds of conclusions and solutions that can be used to solve problems related to neuroendocrine. This support is very meaningful for the advancement of current neuroendocrine medical science and will continue to increase.

Able to attract young people with their extraordinary talents and invite to join in various kinds of development research and problem solving related to neuroendocrine. More and more future generations who are interested will certainly be very profitable because they can make a brilliant contribution in the development of the neuroendocrine medical world. There will be many new discoveries and also more diverse solutions to overcome the problems that occur in the medical world of neuroendocrine today.

Then with so much support from leading universities and institutes in countries around the world who joined the International Neuroendocrine Federation, it will be easy to research and carry on projects and new discoveries. Not only that, even various hospitals from member countries in addition to handling the problems related to neuroendocrine, also raised donations in collaboration with the International Neuroendocrine Federation. With the existence of donations, especially in the form of money, it will facilitate the implementation of various programs that have been formed and are increasingly being improved.

Then in the meeting held for four years it also accommodates researchers and students who want to submit a symposium, providing information about journals and research that have been made. In addition, it also provides an opportunity for fellow researchers to discuss and plan new programs that will soon be worked on or review previous research.

The Headquarters of International Neuroendocrine Federation
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The Headquarters of International Neuroendocrine Federation

Now the era is growing and increasing awareness to deal with various kinds of problems related to Neuroendocrine several countries in the world have decided to join the International Neuroendocrine Federation. Until 2018 there were 30 countries submitting their representatives to join the membership of the International Neuroendocrine Federation. They became representative representatives of their respective countries and provided support by empowering various institutions and resources they had to sensitize the community in developing fields. Neuroendocrine.

Donations are also channeled through various forms of material, science, and actions that support scientific development and educate lay people about neuroendocrine to create superior human resources regarding neuroendocrine through universities that join.

For four years a board meeting was held to discuss updates that needed to be made and reports on various kinds of things that had been done and the planned trip that was formed at the previous meeting. Located in various countries alternately held a board meeting and continued to invite various types of people and countries that have not joined to participate in the development of neuroendocrine.

Especially in the present era with the demands of an increasingly high life and difficult to make many people increasingly stressed and create various kinds of diseases that are different and increasingly difficult to cure. By embracing high schools and departments in the field of medicine and health together carry out tasks that are accommodated by the International neuroendocrine Federation.

The main base of the Neuroendocrine Federation is located in Torino. But don’t worry for members who want to join as members of the Neuroendocrine International Federation because this federation has various bodies in each country so that it can represent every individual who wants to become a member of the Neuroendocrine International Federation. With increasing sponsorship to help the various programs run by the Neuroendocrine Federation. Let’s support this federation movement as a form of concern for others.

History of the International Neuroendocrine Federation
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History of the International Neuroendocrine Federation

The Neuroendocrine International Federation itself has a long history and background. Beginning with the holding of the International Society of Neuroendocrinology or commonly abbreviated as ISN in Toronto but when a meeting was held in June 2002 the members of Dewn finally decided to dissolve the ISN. It’s just not there, then the International Neuroendocrine Federation was formed and at one of the fifth INF meetings held in the Bristol area still in 2002 it was decided several elected leaders such as John Russel as President, Tony Plant as secretary, Greti Aguilera were also elected to one next year.

Every meeting that is regularly held has a different place taking turns occupying a country that is already a member. Likewise, the president and vice president and other staff also differ at each meeting. Each was chosen from a different country and as a representative for his country to make a major contribution to the progress of the Neuroendocrine International Federation.

The International Neuroendocrine Federation itself also seems to often provide sponsors as well as financial assistance for international schools to help develop the neuroendocrine medical world. So this is like a mutually beneficial relationship and has a positive enough effect on the continuation of the achievement of goals carried out by the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

Until the year 2018, there have been 9 successful conferences held by the neuroendocrine International Federation and until now still invites the community to join and also donate. How to join is also quite easy. Can register the membership of a country that was previously registered.

Don’t worry for those who want to join, but the country is not yet a member of the International Neuroendokrin Federation. Because individual registration is also accepted and after being registered as an official member individually, it can directly provide a form of support in the form of donating a sum of money. The money can be made through transfers that will be used for the interests of the International Neuroendocrine Federation. As mentioned earlier, a sponsor was used to support the continuity of the high school which studied the neuroendocrine branch medical science. As an aid to develop technological tools and research in the form of new development or discovery journals in the neuroendocrine branch medical field.

All of this support has made the Neuroendocrine Federation survive and continues its work program and hopes to continue to survive or develop in the interests of all humanity. The recruitment of new personnel from students who are still fresh in studying neuroendocrine science is expected to be the next generation to continue the program carried out by the International Neuroendokrin Federation or make it far wider with members and broad reach.

The pioneer of the International Neuroendocrine Federation
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The pioneer of the International Neuroendocrine Federation

Laymen certainly have never heard of neuroendocrine. Especially regarding the federation that regulates this one thing. Then try reading a few explanations below. Neuroendocrine is a nerve cell in the nervous system that makes, stores, and flows hormones into the bloodstream that go to the target organ.

As a result, changes occur in the target organ and eventually changes in metabolism. Hormones only work when the target organs have receptors. Inside the neuroendocrine itself there are various hormones. To regulate the functions of this body as well as the problems in it, the neuroendocrine federation was established internationally.

Parties Establishing the International Neuroendocrine Federation

One of the glands in the neuroendocrine is the thyroid gland. This gland is the largest endocrine gland in the human body. This gland can be found on the front of the neck, precisely under the larynx. The function of this gland is of course to regulate the body’s speed, burn energy, make protein, and regulate the body’s sensitivity to other hormones.

Next there is also the parathyroid gland which is the endocrine gland in the neck that produces parathyroid hormone. This one gland hormone results in increased calcium absorption from the bone, increased calcium reabsorption in the kidney, increased absorption of calcium in the digestive tract by vitamin D. And many other glands are regulated by neuroendocrine.

The appearance of this international neuroendocrine federation is related to diseases caused by this nervous system. Of course, an organization is needed to regulate and overcome if something happens to patients who experience this neuroendocrine problem. Internationally, this federation emerged.

The pioneers themselves are people who are engaged in the medical field especially on this one system. As a nerve cell, neuroendocrine makes, stores and transports hormones to the bloodstream to the target organ. Surely not many lay people know about this. Surely doctors and scientists also understand more about the international neuroendocrine federation that stands.

In addition, knowledge in the neuroendocrine field is also becoming more advanced because it requires healing technology for this disease. In addition neuroendocrine is also known to cause diseases such as cancer. Therefore, technology needs to be developed to cure neuroendocrine cancer. So that no more patients die from this one disease.

The pioneer of the neuroendocrine federation was doctors engaged in this field. Including scientists who develop treatment for people who are sick or have problems in this one nerve cell. This one nerve cell itself makes, stores, and also drains hormones into the bloodstream that go to the target organ. Surely this federation develops knowledge in this one field.

The Vision and Mission of International Neuroendocrine Federation
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The Vision and Mission of International Neuroendocrine Federation

The Neuroendocrine International Federation has been established for a long time and has many members from various parts of the world. These various countries decided to join the International neuroendocrine Federation because they felt they had the same vision and mission and goals.

The field of neuroendocrine medicine is very important. Neuroendocrine itself is an endocrine gland that is structurally constructed by nerve cells. Its function is as a storage area and flowing hormones into the bloodstream which will later circulate throughout the body.

There are many diseases that interfere with and damage neuroendocrine in humans including tumors and cancer. For treatment itself, no method has been found that can guarantee complete cure. Besides that knowledge about neuroendocrine is also still minimal so it will be very difficult to prevent damage and disease before it’s too late. After being severe it was discovered and would be very difficult to cure as usual.

Therefore the Neuroendocrine Federation was established which invites countries in the world to join in and help run the programs made by the federation. In general, the Neuroendocrine Federation helped promote all discoveries and also research made to develop neuroendocrine-related education.

Then also provide publications and facilitate all the developments carried out so far assisted by researchers from all over the world. Invites young researchers to join in and contribute directly in developing knowledge about neuroendocrine both to the medical and non-medical communities such as

1. Organizing
Every four years the Neuroendocrine Federation routinely holds an international neuroendocrine congress. This activity is held alternately in countries that are members of the neuroendocrine International Federation. Provide a forum for forums to present and discuss issues related to the latest research conducted by researchers around the world relating to the medical field of neuroendocrine

2. Giving Facilities
As a facility for researchers to exchange ideas and also exchange information by giving sponsors to every meeting and discussion activity conducted regularly for four years. In the routine meeting, new programs are also often discussed to continue to improve the medical field, especially in neuroendocrine.

3. Providing teaching and education
The Neuroendocrine Federation International also provides education and promotes the creation or creation of various types of technologies related to neuroendocrine. It also provides support for all the trips taken to conduct research and business to attract the attention of the community to intervene, either directly or indirectly in the progress of research regarding neuroendocrine. One of them is by helping to collect and distribute each donation that will be used to help each path of research for progress in the neuroendocrine medical field.

The Neuroendocrine International Federation and its Members
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The Neuroendocrine International Federation and its Members

It has been sixteen years since the first time the International Neuroendokrin Federation was formed at the ISN board meeting and has always held various routine meetings and symposiums. Certainly a lot of support has been achieved and various kinds of donations as support for advancing the neuroendocrinology field from various parts of the world.

Until now, membership is still open to anyone who wants to join. While the membership itself is rumored to have numbered more than two thousand people with each country having its own representative.

1. British Society
With Yeo, Giles and holds various kinds of important training such as Head of Research Association, Director of Genomix / Transcriptomics, Biochemisry Clinical Department, Clinical Medicine School, Cambridge University, Addenbrooke Hospital, Hills Road. Aims to promote awareness about issues related to neuroendocrine and also support various studies in the relevant fields to address the problems that often arise related to neuroendocrine. Then also assisted by Cambridge Universits and Clinical Medical Student Schools in charge of providing services in the field of research from the undergraduate level. In addition, it can also provide assistance to readers of journals on neuroendiocrine originating from clinical and civil society fields.

2. Hungarian Neuroendocrine Section
Department of Endocrine and Neurobiology, Institute of Experiments and Medicine, Hungarian Science Academy, Has duties similar to the British Society but located in the country of Hungary.

3. Japan Neuroendocrine Society
Division of Neuroendocrine, Respirology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine, and University of Miyazaki.

4. Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society
Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Psychology.

5. Pakistan Neuroendokrin Group
Association of Professors, Department of Science and Veterinary Medicine, Quaid-i-Azam University.

And there are many more members who join the International Neuroendocrine Federation and help carry out the mission provided by INF in providing knowledge and seeking various solutions to problems in the Neuroendocrine field. Awareness to support humanity and make people aware of all that cannot be done without members joining.

The Task of Neuroendocrine International Federation
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The Task of Neuroendocrine International Federation

The Neuroendocrine International Federation has a large number of regional and domestic members who have grown to more than two thousand members from all over the world. This International Neuroendocrine Federation has been established since June 2002 and has many tasks to do. This International Neuroendocrine Federation has a fixed agenda of meeting regularly for four years with different chairpersons and holding venues alternately in various countries.

During the four-year meeting there were many things that needed to be conveyed such as the submission of development journals, donation reports that had been obtained, symposiums, and discussing plans and finding solutions to the problems that have occurred lately related to the development of the ever increasing neuroendocrine field .

In a board meeting a committee is formed with the aim of dividing the Federation into smaller groups and having more detailed assignments in accordance with the objectives to be achieved. Each committee certainly has its own duties which they embrace but aim at one that is in line with the establishment of the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

1. Strategic Action Committee (SAC)
The Strategy Action Committee is tasked with providing advice to the executive body with various objectives such as increasing sponsorship, promoting and educating all levels of the world through internet activities as well as media and publications, providing a balance of collaboration with government agencies and industry, and providing various inspiration for the discovery and income of health agencies. The SAC has a membership of John A Russell as chairman from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and Other J Clarke as vice chairman from Melbourne, Australia.

2. Publications Committee
This committee section of the publication has the task of assisting the International Neuroendocrine Federation in carrying out its main tasks to disseminate platform information through websites on neuroendocrinology, the entire neuroendocrinology community, and neuroendocrinology research such as teaching, education, literature, and various relevant journals.

What is the International Neuroendocrine Federation
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What is the International Neuroendocrine Federation

The International Neuroendocrine Federation or commonly abbreviated as INF is a federation that was discovered in 2000. It was formed as a replacement federation shortly after the dissolution of the International Neuroendocrinology Group. It consists of six national scale community groups, one transnational community group and seven regional community groups with membership of more than two thousand.

The main objective of the International Neuroendocrine Federation is to promote all levels of society in the world regarding education and basic knowledge and the development of research related to neuroendocrinology.

Every four years, the Neuroendocrine Federation meets in the form of a congress under the leadership of INF. In the federation the congress usually discussed many matters relating to the progress of various clinical matters related to neuroendocrine such as the progress of research related to neuroendocrine and its handling.

Then also receive donations from the community who want to help progress in the health sector, especially those related to neuroendocrine and nervous systems. The main purpose of the congress that is often held regularly for four years is to provide basic knowledge and education to all layers of the world community about awareness of the advancement of science and research in the health sector, especially regarding the nervous system and prevention of undesirable things.

Symposiums are also often held at congresses that take place by taking turns in each country to disseminate all information and prevent the problems related to neuroendocrine from getting worse. Many journals that have been published through congresses are held by the International Neuroendocrine Federation which can be read by the wider community and increase knowledge in the medical world.

The Neuroendocrine Federation now has an official website that can be accessed to find out the progress of all congresses and the extent to which donations have been made and information collected up to how many can be checked on the official website of which is still accessible today

International Neuroendocrine Federation establishment
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International Neuroendocrine Federation establishment

The Neuroendocrine International Federation, commonly referred to as the abbreviation FNI, was founded in June 2000 at the neuroendocrinology international community council. At that time the International Neuroendocrine Federation was formed in Toronto, at that time Dionysia Theodosis served as ISN’s first President and Sergio Ojeda served as secretary treasurer of the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

The formation of the International Neuroendocrine Federation follows a previously formed group called the Neuroendocrine International Society or commonly abbreviated as ISN which is also commonly called the International Neuroendocrinology Society.

Actually, both of these organizations have similar goal, namely educating people in all walks of life and also inviting them to advance the health sector, especially Neuroendocrine and awareness in maintaining the health of each other in the world and working together to reduce the burden of others. Both also have the same level, namely on an international scale.

Then management was also formed when the INF Board Meeting was held at 5 ICNs in 2002 in Bristol with the results of John Russel being elected president, Tony Plant serving as Secretary General, who also served as treasurer, Greti Aguilera was believed to be treasurer the following year in 2003.

Then at the next INF Board Meeting in 2004 which was located in Diego the position of vice president and deputy secretary general then the deputy treasurer also began to be approved by strategic action in Toronto, which resulted in a result namely John Russel as chairman again. On September 6, 2007, the INF began to decide to join together by adopting a household budget and with an exemption status given taxes to the United States of America.

Furthermore, the Neuroendocrine Federation sponsors ICN meetings and supports the running of various congresses with the aim of being in line with the International Neuroendocrine Federation. Meetings of these meetings were held alternately in each country with also alternating chairmen such as Stafford Lightman, Tony Plant, Hubert Vaudry.