What is the International Neuroendocrine Federation

The International Neuroendocrine Federation or commonly abbreviated as INF is a federation that was discovered in 2000. It was formed as a replacement federation shortly after the dissolution of the International Neuroendocrinology Group. It consists of six national scale community groups, one transnational community group and seven regional community groups with membership of more than two thousand.

The main objective of the International Neuroendocrine Federation is to promote all levels of society in the world regarding education and basic knowledge and the development of research related to neuroendocrinology.

clinical matters

Every four years, the Neuroendocrine Federation meets in the form of a congress under the leadership of INF. In the federation the congress usually discussed many matters relating to the progress of various clinical matters related to neuroendocrine such as the progress of research related to neuroendocrine and its handling.

Then also receive donations from the community who want to help progress in the health sector, especially those related to neuroendocrine and nervous systems. The main purpose of the congress that is often held regularly for four years is to provide basic knowledge and education to all layers of the world community about awareness of the advancement of science and research in the health sector, especially regarding the nervous system and prevention of undesirable things.

Symposiums are also often held at congresses that take place by taking turns in each country to disseminate all information and prevent the problems related to neuroendocrine from getting worse. Many journals that have been published through congresses are held by the International Neuroendocrine Federation which can be read by the wider community and increase knowledge in the medical world.

The Neuroendocrine Federation now has an official website that can be accessed to find out the progress of all congresses and the extent to which donations have been made and information collected up to how many can be checked on the official website of neuroendonow.com which is still accessible today

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