The Vision and Mission of International Neuroendocrine Federation

The Neuroendocrine International Federation has been established for a long time and has many members from various parts of the world. These various countries decided to join the International neuroendocrine Federation because they felt they had the same vision and mission and goals.

The Vision and Mission

The field of neuroendocrine medicine is very important. Neuroendocrine itself is an endocrine gland that is structurally constructed by nerve cells. Its function is as a storage area and flowing hormones into the bloodstream which will later circulate throughout the body.

There are many diseases that interfere with and damage neuroendocrine in humans including tumors and cancer. For treatment itself, no method has been found that can guarantee complete cure. Besides that knowledge about neuroendocrine is also still minimal so it will be very difficult to prevent damage and disease before it’s too late. After being severe it was discovered and would be very difficult to cure as usual.

Therefore the Neuroendocrine Federation was established which invites countries in the world to join in and help run the programs made by the federation. In general, the Neuroendocrine Federation helped promote all discoveries and also research made to develop neuroendocrine-related education.

Then also provide publications and facilitate all the developments carried out so far assisted by researchers from all over the world. Invites young researchers to join in and contribute directly in developing knowledge about neuroendocrine both to the medical and non-medical communities such as

1. Organizing
Every four years the Neuroendocrine Federation routinely holds an international neuroendocrine congress. This activity is held alternately in countries that are members of the neuroendocrine International Federation. Provide a forum for forums to present and discuss issues related to the latest research conducted by researchers around the world relating to the medical field of neuroendocrine

2. Giving Facilities
As a facility for researchers to exchange ideas and also exchange information by giving sponsors to every meeting and discussion activity conducted regularly for four years. In the routine meeting, new programs are also often discussed to continue to improve the medical field, especially in neuroendocrine.

3. Providing teaching and education
The Neuroendocrine Federation International also provides education and promotes the creation or creation of various types of technologies related to neuroendocrine. It also provides support for all the trips taken to conduct research and business to attract the attention of the community to intervene, either directly or indirectly in the progress of research regarding neuroendocrine. One of them is by helping to collect and distribute each donation that will be used to help each path of research for progress in the neuroendocrine medical field.

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