The Neuroendocrine International Federation and its Members

It has been sixteen years since the first time the International Neuroendokrin Federation was formed at the ISN board meeting and has always held various routine meetings and symposiums. Certainly a lot of support has been achieved and various kinds of donations as support for advancing the neuroendocrinology field from various parts of the world.

Until now, membership is still open to anyone who wants to join. While the membership itself is rumored to have numbered more than two thousand people with each country having its own representative.

1. British Society
With Yeo, Giles and holds various kinds of important training such as Head of Research Association, Director of Genomix / Transcriptomics, Biochemisry Clinical Department, Clinical Medicine School, Cambridge University, Addenbrooke Hospital, Hills Road. Aims to promote awareness about issues related to neuroendocrine and also support various studies in the relevant fields to address the problems that often arise related to neuroendocrine. Then also assisted by Cambridge Universits and Clinical Medical Student Schools in charge of providing services in the field of research from the undergraduate level. In addition, it can also provide assistance to readers of journals on neuroendiocrine originating from clinical and civil society fields.

2. Hungarian Neuroendocrine Section
Department of Endocrine and Neurobiology, Institute of Experiments and Medicine, Hungarian Science Academy, Has duties similar to the British Society but located in the country of Hungary.

3. Japan Neuroendocrine Society
Division of Neuroendocrine, Respirology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine, and University of Miyazaki.

4. Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society
Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Psychology.

5. Pakistan Neuroendokrin Group
Association of Professors, Department of Science and Veterinary Medicine, Quaid-i-Azam University.

And there are many more members who join the International Neuroendocrine Federation and help carry out the mission provided by INF in providing knowledge and seeking various solutions to problems in the Neuroendocrine field. Awareness to support humanity and make people aware of all that cannot be done without members joining.

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