International Neuroendocrine Federation establishment

The Neuroendocrine International Federation, commonly referred to as the abbreviation FNI, was founded in June 2000 at the neuroendocrinology international community council. At that time the International Neuroendocrine Federation was formed in Toronto, at that time Dionysia Theodosis served as ISN’s first President and Sergio Ojeda served as secretary treasurer of the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

The formation of the International Neuroendocrine Federation follows a previously formed group called the Neuroendocrine International Society or commonly abbreviated as ISN which is also commonly called the International Neuroendocrinology Society.

Actually, both of these organizations have similar goal, namely educating people in all walks of life and also inviting them to advance the health sector, especially Neuroendocrine and awareness in maintaining the health of each other in the world and working together to reduce the burden of others. Both also have the same level, namely on an international scale.

Then management was also formed when the INF Board Meeting was held at 5 ICNs in 2002 in Bristol with the results of John Russel being elected president, Tony Plant serving as Secretary General, who also served as treasurer, Greti Aguilera was believed to be treasurer the following year in 2003.

Then at the next INF Board Meeting in 2004 which was located in Diego the position of vice president and deputy secretary general then the deputy treasurer also began to be approved by strategic action in Toronto, which resulted in a result namely John Russel as chairman again. On September 6, 2007, the INF began to decide to join together by adopting a household budget and with an exemption status given taxes to the United States of America.

Furthermore, the Neuroendocrine Federation sponsors ICN meetings and supports the running of various congresses with the aim of being in line with the International Neuroendocrine Federation. Meetings of these meetings were held alternately in each country with also alternating chairmen such as Stafford Lightman, Tony Plant, Hubert Vaudry.

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