History of the International Neuroendocrine Federation

The Neuroendocrine International Federation itself has a long history and background. Beginning with the holding of the International Society of Neuroendocrinology or commonly abbreviated as ISN in Toronto but when a meeting was held in June 2002 the members of Dewn finally decided to dissolve the ISN. It’s just not there, then the International Neuroendocrine Federation was formed and at one of the fifth INF meetings held in the Bristol area still in 2002 it was decided several elected leaders such as John Russel as President, Tony Plant as secretary, Greti Aguilera were also elected to one next year.

Every meeting that is regularly held has a different place taking turns occupying a country that is already a member. Likewise, the president and vice president and other staff also differ at each meeting. Each was chosen from a different country and as a representative for his country to make a major contribution to the progress of the Neuroendocrine International Federation.

The International Neuroendocrine Federation itself also seems to often provide sponsors as well as financial assistance for international schools to help develop the neuroendocrine medical world. So this is like a mutually beneficial relationship and has a positive enough effect on the continuation of the achievement of goals carried out by the International Neuroendocrine Federation.

Until the year 2018, there have been 9 successful conferences held by the neuroendocrine International Federation and until now still invites the community to join and also donate. How to join is also quite easy. Can register the membership of a country that was previously registered.

Don’t worry for those who want to join, but the country is not yet a member of the International Neuroendokrin Federation. Because individual registration is also accepted and after being registered as an official member individually, it can directly provide a form of support in the form of donating a sum of money. The money can be made through transfers that will be used for the interests of the International Neuroendocrine Federation. As mentioned earlier, a sponsor was used to support the continuity of the high school which studied the neuroendocrine branch medical science. As an aid to develop technological tools and research in the form of new development or discovery journals in the neuroendocrine branch medical field.

All of this support has made the Neuroendocrine Federation survive and continues its work program and hopes to continue to survive or develop in the interests of all humanity. The recruitment of new personnel from students who are still fresh in studying neuroendocrine science is expected to be the next generation to continue the program carried out by the International Neuroendokrin Federation or make it far wider with members and broad reach.

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